Over 35,000 in 2014

The below post has been sitting in draft status for quite awhile, so with minimal editing and hopefully a clear conclusion, here you have it, my thoughts… though somewhat delayed.

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything on here, so there’s probably good reason to expect a lot to share. While I can say a lot has happened, I doubt I’ll be able to report it all here in one sitting. Alas, I hope that none will be disappointed.

When last I wrote, I spoke about seeking passion and a new idea. The idea still stirs in my mind and I’ve discussed it briefly with my wife, who, as always, fully supports its pursuit. I do imagine though that it will have to wait awhile. Other priorities are at hand right now. Chief among them is a resolution to my previous issue of being overwhelmed and bored with my job. I can with all seriousness and conviction call that particular post a job. It was never envisioned to be a career or profession, it was a door into an organization which I felt had great potential. After the time off mentioned in my last post, I returned to work, reluctantly, and found that circumstance had granted me a great opportunity.

A coworker in another department had suddenly left the company, which left an opening that needed to be filled. It just happened that the department he worked in was one which I had acquired a keen interest in while working along side them in my current role. I’ve been quite fortunate in my life, and I do my best not to take it for granted. I had taken some classes in college which, in all honesty, I was not terribly studious or even interested in at the time. But, it was those courses and a few small bits of information that I remembered and conveyed earlier in the year to that departments manager that netted me some favor and a request to consider applying for the newly vacated position.

I did apply for the position, and am quite proud to say that in all my years of working I have only ever interviewed one time that did not result in a job offer (more on this another time), it was not this time. While it was a long few weeks to apply and interview, I could hardly contain my excitement when I was handed an offer letter!

My transition to this new role, has been a long one as there have been difficulties filling my previous position, something I can certainly understand based on my experience.

The events that sparked this post occurred in July 2014, leading to my accepting of the new position in September 2014 and a complete transition was made in January 2015. I have since completed a year in this new position and am quite thankful for the opportunity. While frustrations still occur, at least I’m happy doing what I do. I’m looking forward to another year or growth and learning.

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