Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams

I wonder sometimes, whether or not, this whole photography and writing thing might take me somewhere. I love sharing these experiences with others and do pretty well in person, but writing it down is entirely different, as is finding an audience. I have much to do and much to learn, that much is certain. So, I’d like to embark on an experiment. As an engineer by training, this seems the most logical first step to understand and improve. I invite you to participate and am hopeful that you will invite others to as well.

Over 35,000 in 2014

The below post has been sitting in draft status for quite awhile, so with minimal editing and hopefully a clear conclusion, here you have it, my thoughts… though somewhat delayed. I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything on here, so there’s probably good reason to expect a lot to share. While I can Read more about Over 35,000 in 2014[…]