Driving in the Fall

I’ve attempted to blog in the past and have never had much luck with it. Hopefully, this time will be different.

Whenever I need to think or just clear my head, I go for a drive. Where I live, the scenery isn’t always the best for long drives. So, I often find myself on the back roads where all of the trees have yet to be cleared for the next new shopping center filled with stores that sell things I could really care less about.

Since I’ve often lived at least a half hour drive from where I’ve worked or gone to school I’ve developed an affinity for driving. This is a good thing, considering my daily commute is just over an hour each way. When you spend that much time driving, you have a fair bit of time to think. If you’re lucky you’ll learn something along the way. I know that having this time each day has enriched my perspective on the world.

Time is short right now, so I’ll close this initial post with a little cliché, life is a trip, so enjoy the ride!


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