Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams

My day job has me sitting behind a computer most of the time. This is far from what I prefer, but I like the technical nature of what I do and the times that I do get to work with my hands are often rewarding. But it’s not quite my dream. I temper this a little by having rotating wallpaper on my desktop, which includes my beautiful wife and daughter and photos from our travels. I’m always counting down to our next adventure.

So, what is my dream? Honestly, it’s always a little in flux. But, I feel it becoming more clear all the time. Right now it’s comprised of a few different elements that I’d like to combine; photography, writing, travel and environmental advocacy. How I’m going to incorporate all of these is very much a work in progress, but I love photography and have for most of my life. I’ve always found myself to be a capable writer, though often without a subject on which to focus. I’ve always enjoyed traveling, but my views of travel have evolved over the last five years a great deal. No longer is my ideal vacation to a beach to relax and tune out the world, it’s to the mountains and wild places, to listen to what the world has to say, hopefully capturing a beautiful image or two along the way. And as we travel, we try to see these beautiful things and places not as tourist stops, but as a reminder of how magnificent the world is and how we have a responsibility to protect it. I am hopeful that the impact that going to these places has had on me, will translate through my photos to some level of the same experience to those who view them.

I wonder sometimes, whether or not, this whole photography and writing thing might take me somewhere. I love sharing these experiences with others and do pretty well in person, but writing it down is entirely different, as is finding an audience. I have much to do and much to learn, that much is certain. So, I’d like to embark on an experiment. As an engineer by training, this seems the most logical first step to understand and improve. I invite you to participate and am hopeful that you will invite others to as well.

Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing across a few platforms that I’ve been using and learning, including Facebook, InstagramWordPressTwitter and Flickr, some of my favorite images along with some brief stories. Many of them will be available to purchase on a variety of mediums on Fine Art America, from prints to iPhone cases and more, should you feel compelled (my camera bag would greatly appreciate it). If the image and the story are to your liking, please comment on them and if you’ll do a fellow a favor, please share them with your friends and ask that they do the same. If you don’t like it, I hope you’ll be willing to share your thoughts with me just the same, either directly in a private message or in the comments on the image, so that I can learn and improve.

So, until next time, thanks for reading!



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