Avalanche Lake


As promised in my post of Heaven’s Peak, the stunning view of Avalanche Lake as  you first see it on the trail. That is of course, if you visit during the summer. The photo of Heaven’s Peak was taken from the small break in the trees on the opposite shore (lower right of photo). If you make it this far up the trail, you’d be crazy not to go to the other side!

I hope to go back again in the not too distant future and plan to get up earlier next time. As I mentioned before, the trail to Avalanche Lake is relatively easy with only about 700 feet of elevation gain over about 2 miles on the way up. This leads to a normally packed trailhead. Luckily, we stayed at the campground nearby.

With this being an out and back trail, at some point, you’re likely to see everyone who’s on it. Once you reach the lake, if the weather’s nice you’ll likely see a fair number of folks out in the water too. I had to crop this shot more than I wanted to get everyone out of it. If it’d been just a little less crowded we’d likely have stayed on this side of the lake. So, really I’m grateful that things went the way that they did or else we might not have seen the beautiful view from the other side.

I’ve always been more of a night owl than an early bird. This has not worked to my advantage when we go on some of our trips. It’s just another one of those things that I need to work on. I recently watched a documentary that followed several photographers around the world in their various areas of focus and as a landscape lover, I took special notice of what was being said on the subject. Landscapes really are all about the light, natural or artificial and if I’m going to get the best light, I’m going to have to be a better early bird.

I have many ideas rolling around my head about how I can use light better and how I can better capture many scenes next time around. Hopefully it won’t be that long before I’m able to get back out west!

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