Sunset Over West Yellowstone

This image was captured in early July, just inside Wyoming near the West Yellowstone entrance. The boardwalk you see is actually part of Two Ribbon Trail. With sunset closing in, we didn’t have time to do this one. We were off to search for dinner and then a place to stay for the night that included a bed for a change of pace. A task which would prove more challenging than we thought.

This was our last stop inside Yellowstone before departing for Glacier National Park. We got dinner in West Yellowstone at Beartooth Barbecue, delicious brisket if you have time. Leaving Yellowstone was bittersweet, as we knew it would likely be several years before we would be able to return and we’d only just scratched the surface of this amazing place. With so many parks still on our list to visit, I’m not sure when we’ll make it back, but I know that someday we will, and we’ll have our little adventurer with us!

While I had hoped that the sunsets on our trip would have been more cooperative in terms of color, the scenery itself more than made up for it. Perhaps next time they’ll be better. Driving through Yellowstone was a remarkable experience, everywhere you look there is something amazing.

Back home the majority of wildlife sightings include Canadian geese, deer, squirrels or the occasional fox. And, with the exception of the geese, these are usually in small numbers. What was so striking about Yellowstone and one of the reasons that I feel that our national parks are so important, is the wildlife. You could be driving down the road, look out your window and there would be a bear or a wolf or an entire herd of bison, all of which could care less that you’re even there… unless you get too close trying to take a selfie with a wild animal.

I’ll avoid a long tangent on the subject, because it really does set me off. Just remember, when you saw these animals at the zoo, they were in glass enclosures in a human environment, now you’re in theirs and there is no glass. Always stay a safe distance from wildlife, whether you’re in a park or not. We saw a lot of people approaching animals who were clearly more focused on their camera screen than with their own safety. Thankfully, no one was hurt while we were around.

I’ll be sharing more images from Yellowstone in future posts and I hope you’ll check back as I do. Thanks for reading! Please comment and share.



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