Heaven’s Peak at Avalanche Lake


One of the most stunning places that we visited during our trip to Glacier National Park was Avalanche Lake. It’s only about a two mile hike each way, but it is a beautiful place and even in early July, it was quite peaceful, if you go to the south shore.

The view shown here is not what you’ll see as soon as you reach the lake, I’ll be sharing that later (it’s one of my favorites). But, if you’d like to get away from the crowd and strollers. Yes, there were people up here with strollers. And while this isn’t a difficult hike, it’s all uphill from the trailhead and it is not paved. The view is worth the inconvenience though if those are the sort of things you bring along hiking.

Once we got to the shore on the far end of the lake, which might be another quarter or half mile and flat, if a little crowded by the surrounding foliage, we had the whole area to ourselves. I keep saying this about all of these places, but I could have sat there all day. We were there for probably a half hour or more though and not another person came by during that time. So peaceful. The lake is fed from snow pack thousands of feat above the lake and the waterfalls are stunning, yet they feed the lake as small streams. Here’s a short clip from our trip.

If you’re ever in Glacier National Park and you have to choose a short hike, this should be on your short list. And if you’re planning a trip, make sure to check out the park’s website for which trails are closed. When we arrived in early July, Going-to-the-sun road had only been fully open for about a week. Unfortunately, some of the higher elevation trails and those further north were still closed. Which, of course, is a great reason to go back! This is another one where I wish I’d spent more time on the composition and gotten a lower angle of the scene. But, we live and learn.

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