Grazing Bison


This image, like many I’ve taken was from the road through Grand Teton National Park. While I wish I’d spent more time composing the original shot, I think I was able to crop it decently.

One thing I remember from a photography class I took back in high school is the rule-of-thirds. The grazing group of bison and the beautiful mountains in the background really made this scene stand out to me when we were driving past.

One thing that I’ve learned, and wish I’d realized sooner, is that I need to slow down when composing my shots, particularly when on vacation. I’ve gone back through a great many photos and wish I’d spent just a few minutes more composing my shots and planning when I would be in certain locations. I’ve also realized I need a wider angle lens when I’m shooting large landscapes. I’m still using a crop sensor DSLR with an 18-55mm kit lens for many landscapes, I see investment in some new equipment in the not too distant future. Hopefully early 2017 will yield some new full-frame bodies that I can afford.

Thanks for reading, please comment and share as the experiment continues.



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